Dancefest Circuit Choreography

In collaboration with Marisol Collier (ex-student of mine and currently a third year Dance degree student at Trinity Laban) we have worked with Hereford College of Arts degree students to create a new dance for Dancefest‘s annual Circuit. The choreography – Misty Lane – will be performed on 28th March 2017 at Hereford College of Arts College Road Campus.


First day at University of Worcester for my Induction. January 2017

Today I officially embarked on my PhD research at University of Worcester, in the Business Research school under the supervision of Dr. Rebecca Jones.

I am interested in

  • Laban’s Movement philosophies and concepts and the work that he did in the 1940’s in factories with Lawrence.
  • Well-being
  • The workplace

I will be posting blogs throughout my research journey.


News and Media


**The Day the War came project



**Gillian Hipp choreographs for Aerial Dance Company Hereford


**Gillian Hipp choreographs for ‘Zorro – the Musical’

** Showcase of Artist in Residency work


** Aerial Dance Company Hereford Dancers perform at the launch of the Hereford City of Culture Bid 2021, with a Choreography by Gillian Hipp at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford

2014-10-27 13.01.53 2014-10-27 19.05.32 2014-10-27 12.54.56 2014-10-27 13.33.30

** Gillian Hipp takes on Artist in Residence position at Hereford College of Arts to continue to develop her choreographic work with Aerial Dance Company Hereford.:

** As part of Bishops Perowne CoE College’s Annual Art week Aerial Dance Hereford has been leading a 3 day Aerial Dance Workshop. Around 200 pupils have experienced the fun and the strength needed to perform Aerial movements.

** Aerial Dance Company Hereford will be performing Serendipity at the Open Garden Event at Newport House on 28th June 2014 in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice:


* Hereford Times, 6th May 2014:

** ‘Serendipity’ performed at the Hereford Riverside Carnival on 3rd May 2014

Aerial Dance Hereford Dancers and Gillian Hipp at Hereford Riverside Carnival
Aerial Dance Hereford Dancers and Gillian Hipp at Hereford Riverside Carnival

** Aerial Dance Hereford and Choreographer Gillian Hipp mentioned on BBC Herefordshire and Worcestershire Radio in the Tammy Gooding show at 1:53′ on 30th April 2014 (



** Hereford Times, 6th December 2013:

** Article about Gillian Hipp and the Aerial Dance Hereford (including a review of a Aerial Dance session) in the Herefordshire Society Winter 2013:

** Short article about Introducing Aerial to Hereford

** Collaboration with the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford:


** Horn Dance Project:

Painting with the body

Third year BA(Hons) Jewelry student (Jarrod McCracken) is using a painting created by myself and a HCA dance student as a basis to create his Final Major Project work, which will be displayed as part of the Summer Show at Hereford College of Arts in June 2017.

Together with a dance students I moved to Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhtyhm’s with black ink to begin with. Guided by Jarrod we then started using coloured paint, as well as focusing on very specific pathways. To end the creative painting session we used powder paint.

Leading on Collaboration project

I am interested in the Collaborative process and given the change in the skills set that employers will be looking for in 2020 it is essential for current students to have an experience and awareness of the collaborative process, not only in their own discipline, but outside of their area of expertise.

With this in mind I set up a Collaborative project for the first year BA(Hons) Performing Arts degree students with BA(hons) Short-Film Course leader Dan Haworth-Salter. His first year degree students and mine were asked to work collaboratively on a four week Induction project, which resulted in the creation of a multi-media performance ‘The essence of me’.20161107_171259.jpg

Digitopia was part of the ID Night series (created by the Courtyard and 2Faced Dance Company) – a platform for new and emerging local, national and international artists to showcase their work.

Please watch a short documentary about the collaborative process here: ‘Digitopia’

I am currently writing up my findings on this collaboration project for publication.

Aerial Dance

In 2013, Gillian Hipp, set up Aerial Dance Hereford and with her portable rig is able to offer workshops to small groups or individuals indoors or outdoors. Get in touch with Gillian, if you are interested in booking an Aerial Dance lesson or workshop.

2014-04-26 09.58.08

Aerial Dance Company Hereford (ADC Hereford) a few months later, with its first commission to choreograph an Aerial Dance to an original piece of music by Randy Alexander ‘Serendipity’. The Aerial Dance was performed as an opening act for the Riverside Carnival Hereford 2014 on 3rd May in the trees along the River Wye.

In 2014/2015 Gillian began her Artist in Residency at Hereford College of Arts to develop an Aerial Dance Performance with ADCH for Spring/Summer 2015. ‘The 5th Celtic Element’ was inspired by an Herefordian Folktale and original music composed by Leo More. As a result of the residency the Company was asked to remain in residency by the Art College.

Aerial Dance Company Hereford continued to create and rehearse Aerial Dance performances that were performed at the Riverside Carnival Hereford in 2015 and 2016, as well as the Hay Festival in 2016. Further information about the company and the latest work can be found on the Aerial Dance Hereford webpage (

Aerial Dance Company Hereford 2014/2015:

ADCH 2014company picture

Aerial Dance Company Hereford 2013/2014

Aerial Dance Hereford Dancers and Gillian Hipp at Hereford Riverside Carnival
Aerial Dance Hereford Dancers and Gillian Hipp at Hereford Riverside Carnival

Espace Digital Dance Conference – Coventry University

Blog written for HCAscholarship blog…

I spent last Wednesday at Coventry University attending the Espace Digital Dance Conference 

We were introduced to and got to use ProDance, a dance annotation software, which is still being developed.

The idea is a simple one…captured video footage (either live or prerecorded) is loaded into the software and then it is very easy to annotate the video with marks, drawing or typing.

I felt that the application would have many uses to my own practice, both as a teacher, as well as a choreographer

  • In Choreographic/ performance work: choreographer/ director can mark areas of development straight on the video footage to give specific feedback to performers
  • Student personal portfolios – ideal as a way for students to directly annotate into the video footage to make reflective comments and notes
  • A tool to give Students feedback on practical work with direct reference to the moment during the performance
  • Document the rehearsal process, with comments and thoughts throughout
  • Evidence of rehearsal process and of feedback given to students
  • Analysis of performance material, with quick find marking system making it easy to jump from one comment to the next, rather than scanning through the whole video footage
  • Easy way to include grading criteria and decisions into video footage

I could also see how this tool could be used in collaborative work, especially where performers, directors, musicians etc. don’t manage to meet in a rehearsal space all at the same time. Through annotating and sharing of the video footage the development stage of the process can be taken into the virtual space.

After lunch we were introduced to the second digital dance tool, funded and created by E-Space. My first impression was that it was not a tool that should be limited to dance alone.

Dancespace is an online tool to create stories using preloaded video footage as well as footage uploaded directly by the user. At the moment the pre-loaded footage is dance-based, however there is no reason why the footage could not be non-dance based. For Coventry University it was a tool to get non-dancers to think about how dance could be incorporated into stories, for example a personal video of a holiday in Paris, with already uploaded dance footage taken in Paris woven into the mix.

This may be a tool of interest to other course areas within HCA, as well as a platform for individuals to use to promote their video/ photography/ art work. is the website, which appears fairly easy to navigate if anyone would like to take a look.

Collaborative Research Opportunity: call to collaborate across course areas:

If you are interested in  how movement can be transferred into data that then can be used to create in a different medium, eg. paper, digital imagery, et, then have a look at the two following websites:

This could present us with a wonderful opportunity for cross-college collaboration. If you are interested, please get in touch with or